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A collection of 8 fun games for you to print out and play


Literacy games:

1-Letter Bingo- Turn over the ladybird letter cards and cover the picture on your card with the initial sound.


2-Spotty Ladybirds- Read the letters on your spotty ladybird and then listen for the sound.


3-Lower and Upper case letters- Find the matching paid ladybirds with lower and upper case letters- use all the cards or just a few.


4-CVC words- Collect the correct three ladybird letter cards to spell the CVC word on your leaf.


Maths games:

1-Dotty ladybirds- Roll the special die and add or take away 1 spot on your ladybird.  If the die lands on the spotty side you can take a spot from someone else!


2-Double spots- A game of doubles- match the halves of the ladybird with the same amount of spots and say the total.


3-Matching pairs- Collect two ladybird cards and see if they match.  Match numbers, spots or numbers and spots together.


4-Counting ladybirds- Roll the die and turn over a leaf card with the corresponding number.  Count how many ladybirds you have found- the winner is the player who has found the most ladybirds!


Each game is supplied with full instructions and further ideas for using the materials.

Each game is supplied in full colour and also in black and white so it can be printed out more economically.

Ladybird themed Maths and Literacy games

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