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  • Large (A4 sized) coloured pictures of different ice creams and lollies -great for a background display
  • A5 sized labels of the different things in the shop eg cones, chocolate sprinkles, strawberry sauce, dishes etc
  • A5 sized cards showing the different ice creams and lollies and space to add a price label to use in your shop-the price labels are from 1p to 50p allowing you to make your own prices for the items and to alter them according to the ability of your children
  • Double sided cones and lollies to make, with different flavours and sizes of ice cream to put in them
  • 4 different ice cream seller hats to make to use in the role play
  • A large title 'Ice cream shop'
  • Order forms
  • Note paper and telephone message paper
  • Ice cream themed bunting to cut out and decorate the shop -this can be made as long as you wish by printing out more times
  • An ice cream number line up to 30

Ice Cream Shop role play

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