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The pack includes:


  • A long 'Harvest Festival' banner and a 'Harvest' banner
  • Large letters each decorated with ears of corn- great to use for a larger display
  • Various display borders- print out as many times as you need for a display board of any size
  • Decorated cards with songs and rhymes about Harvest Festival
  • Topic word cards
  • Information cards about Harvest Festival- each card is decorated with pictures of fruit and vegetables
  • Large colour pictures of harvest foods- these are in colour and also in black and white so could be used for art work
  • A4 work borders in black and white and colour- these could be used for writing borders or to mount the childrens work
  • A Powerpoint about Harvest Festival- the pages of this could also be printed to make into a book
  • A number rhyme card and props to use when singing the rhyme- 'On the Farmers Apple Tree'
  • A fruit and vegetable matching pairs game
  • A Harvest themed picture bingo game
  • Colour photos of Harvest, Fruit and Vegetables etc- great for displays and for discussion
  • Harvest themed colouring sheets

Harvest Festival resource pack

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