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Two great resource packs:




· Display banner

· Colourful posters of Handa and Akeyo

· Posters of Handa and Akeyo’s houses

· Story word cards

· Animal photos

· Fruit photos

· Display border

· Title poster

· Picture flashcards

· Colour sequencing pictures

· Page borders

· African photos

· Information posters About Africa and the Luo tribe

· Small world background

· Story Powerpoint- an interactive powerpoint asking the children which fruit was taken by which animal or what happened next in the story with choices to click on

· Maths Powerpoint

· Guess the animals Powerpoint

· An A4 word card

· A story map

· Fruit descriptive words

· Story Questions

· Black and white sequencing worksheets

· Question worksheet

· Describing fruit worksheets

· Story sequencing

· Speech bubble worksheet

· Various other worksheets such as initial letter sounds, matching fruit and animals to their names, writing about their favourite part of the story etc

· Writing pages

· An alphabet line

· A number line

· Counting cards up to 10

· Counting worksheets

· My number book

· Colouring posters of Handa and Akeyo

· Colouring posters

· Cut and stick the fruit into the basket

· Design a new dress pattern

· Picture matching pairs

· Collect the fruit game

· Jigsaw matching pairs




Colour posters

Display banner

A colourful display border

Number line

A4 display pages

Writing pages

A colourful bingo game

Matching pairs game

Story words

A4 word card

Information fact cards

Colour posters of the characters

Face masks


Sequencing pictures

A small world background

Various worksheets

Colouring posters

Large black and white pictures


Please note: The art work used in these resources has been produced by ourselves. It is not associated with, or endorsed by the authors or publishers of the story, or any related stories or products.

Handa's Surprise AND Handa's Hen story resource packs

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