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The pack includes:


Display banner: A large display banner with the title 'Growing plants' on a photo background of Daisies

Additional banners: 'Growing' and 'Plants' on a photographic plant background

Topic words: each card has a photographic border- great to add to your display or writing area

Question cards: great to encourage the children to think about plants and growing

Photographs: Lots of coloured photos of different plants and wild plants which the children may spot in the school grounds or on the way to school

Colour weed photographs: Photos of wild plants with the plant names

Plant spotting cards: A4 and A3 sized plant spotting cards- great for the children to use in the school grounds to mark off which plants they have found

Plant fan to make: A fan to make with photos of different wild plants on- great to fold up and take on a nature walk

Colours display: Photographs of different coloured flowers with the colour name- great for the growing plants topic but also lovely to include in the art area

Make a plant game: A game to collect the different parts of your plant first

Parts of a plant: Information cards about the different parts of a plant
Fruit and Vegetable photographs: colour photographs showing some different plants- great for a discussion about what they can and can't eat on a plant and how to grow fruit and vegetables
Worksheets: Two differentiated worksheets for labelling the different parts of a plant
Labelling plant posters: A4 and A3 sized coloured posters with labels for the different parts of a plant
Wordsearch: find the growing and plant related words
My plant worksheet: A fun worksheet to fill in details about a plant they have found on a nature walk or in the school grounds
Plant parts photographs: coloured photographs showing the detail of different parts of plants such as the leaf, stem, flower and roots
Matching pairs: Photographs of different types of seeds to play a matching pairs game or for comparing and describing the different seeds
Wilting plant photograph: a colour photograph of a wilting plant- great for discussion about what a plant needs to grow

Growing Plants resource pack

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