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This set of grapheme flash cards has been produced using the graphemes taught in the Letters and Sounds scheme.  There are a total of 69 flash cards to print and make (separate cards for f and ff etc).


The flash cards are organised in files for each of the Letters and Sounds phases in which they are taught making them very easy to access and use.


The flashcards are designed to have a picture on the front which contains the sound and on the back of the card (when assembled) it shows the grapheme.


Each file page has a card with the grapheme and below a card with a coloured picture.  To assemble the cards for use as flashcards the grapheme card needs to be glued to the back of the picture so either the grapheme can be shown to the children or the picture can be shown.


The cards could also be used to make an interactive learning display for the children to match the pictures to the grapheme or could be used as flashcards with the grapheme and picture on the same side (as they are shown on the picture).  They could also be made into a matching game for the children to play to match grapheme to a picture.


The cards are approximately A5 size, however by altering your printer settings you will be able to print them out in whatever size you would like.

Grapheme flash cards for phonics

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