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A collection of 8 fun games with a cute Gingerbread Man theme for you to print out and play



1-Match the letters- Turn over two Gingerbread Man cards to match the lower and upper case letters.  The game could also be played to match lower case letters together or upper case letters together.


2-Make the CVC word- Find the Gingerbread Man letters you need to make the word on your plate- how many plates can you fill?


3-Gingerbread Man bingo- Find all the Gingerbread Man letters on your bingo board the first to be the winner!


4-Gingerbread Man skittles- Cut out and make these cute Gingerbread Man letter skittles to knock down with a ball- various games can be played to identify letters, find initial sounds, make CVC words etc.  Lots of ideas are included on the instruction and ideas card.



1-Make a Gingerbread Man- Roll a die and collect the numbered part of your Gingerbread Man.  How many Gingerbread Men can you make?


2-Colour the Gingerbread Man- Roll a die and find the number on your sheet.  Can you be the first person to colour all your Gingerbread Men?


3-Add the numbers- Roll two dice and add the numbers together- can you cover all the numbered Gingerbread Men on your board first?


4-Stepping stones- Move your Gingerbead Man across the stepping stones to be the first to reach the other side.  If you fall in the water you have to start again!


Each game is supplied with full instructions and further ideas for using the materials.


Each game is supplied in full colour and also in black and white so it can be printed out more economically and also photocopied to be sent home with the children.

Gingerbread Man themed Maths and Literacy games

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