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The pack includes:

  • A Garden Centre sign
  • A 'Welcome' poster
  • A decorated clock to make with moveable clock hands
  • Open and closed signs
  • Opening times posters
  • A 'Pay here' poster
  • Display words with photos and words of different gardening tools and equipment
  • Large grass themed lettering spelling 'Garden Centre'
  • Colourful number flowers
  • A set of colour posters with flowers in pots of different colours and the colour names- these also look great in your gardening area
  • Price labels to add to the price signs
  • Phonemes from the Letters and Sounds scheme on leaves
  • Posters to show step by step how to plant a seed
  • Posters advertising sheds and greenhouses for sale to display in the Garden Centre
  • Vegetable seeds packets
  • Flower seed packets
  • Flower bulb packets
  • A colourful garden gnome alphabet line
  • A 'Grow your own vegetables' poster
  • Banners to display in different areas of your Garden Centre- 'Vegetable Seeds', 'Flower Seeds', 'Gardening Tools' and 'Plants'
  • Hats to make for the Garden Centre staff to wear
  • Large photo pictures of different garden tools and equipment
  • A poster to advertise Gift vouchers
  • Gift vouchers
  • A Sunflower number line
  • Book labels- 'Order Book', 'Messages' and 'Stock Book'
  • Posters for a Children's Gardening Club


Writing resources:

A blank poster for children to write special offers, messages etc

Blank 'Special Offer' posters

A Garden Design sheet with space to write a shopping list of things they need for their garden

A Gift Voucher card with space to write a message

A Garden Centre loyalty card

Badges to write their names on

Make a seed packet and write the growing instructions on the backDecorated note paper

Decorated telephone messages pagesA Garden Centre order form

A decorated shopping list

Blank price signs to write the prices of different items in the Garden Centre

Garden Centre role play

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