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  • Large (A4 sized) coloured and black and white fruit and veg pictures,
  • A large (4 times A4) poster to put together of different fruit with their names and another poster showing different vegetables and their names,
  • A5 sized cards showing the fruit and veg and space to add a price label to use in your shop-the price labels are from 1p to 50p allowing you to make your own prices for the items and to alter them according to the ability of your children,
  • Topic cards with the name and pictures of the different fruit and vegetables
  • 4 different Greengrocer hats to make to use in the role play
  • A large title 'Greengrocers' to cut out with each letter decorated with fruit and veg pictures (also included in the pack is a similar large title of 'Fruit and Vegetables' which is great for use on a large display board)


Plus lots more!

Fruit and Vegetable Shop/ Greengrocers role play

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