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The pack includes:




1-           The Crimean War –who was involved and why, what happened and what the conditions were like.

2-           The Journey to Scutari- how Florence Nightingale got to Scutari, why she went and what she did there.

3-           Timeline of the Florence Nightingales life- simple pages showing the main events in her life.

4-           Why do we remember Florence Nightingale?- what she did to make life in hospitals better and how she is remembered today.




·     A long display banner

·     A display border which can be printed as many times as you need for a display board of any size

·     A time line from Early Britain to the modern day with picture cards and dates including a card for The Crimean War and for Florence Nightingales life- great to give children an idea of the place in history and also to use for other topics

·     Colour photos of a modern hospital- great for displays and discussion

·     Pictures of Scutari hospital

·     Word cards with topic words relating to Florence Nightingale

·     Word cards with topic words relating to hospitals and nursing

·     Question cards about the Florence nightingale and her life- great for discussion and to add to displays

·     Sequences of event cards- A4 posters showing simple pictures and details of what happened in Florence Nightingales life

·     Sentence writing worksheets- write about Florence Nightingale and a modern day nurse

·     An acrostic poem

·     Word mat- an A4 word mat with words relating to Florence Nightingale

·     Writing pages- various A4 pages with decorated borders to use for writing activities

·     A collection of worksheets to use as a starter to the topic such as what makes a person famous?, What do we know already about Florence Nightingale and what do we want to find out and the hospital in Scutari

·     Question worksheet- questions for children to answer about Florence Nightingale and her work

·     Word searches- two word searches with topic words to find

·     Newspaper report sheets- various worksheets to write newspaper reports

·     Order the statements- cut and order the statements about Florence Nightingale

·     Make the sentences- find the correct beginning and endings of sentences about Florence Nightingale

·     Order the pictures- cut and order the pictures of Florence Nightingales life –these could be made into a book to write about each picture

·     What would you ask Florence Nightingale worksheet

·     A work book cover to keep the topic work together

·     Fill in the missing words worksheet

·     What did Florence nightingale take to Scutari- draw and write about the different things she took and why

·     Blank map for children to draw on Florence’s journey to Scutari

·     Various writing prompt worksheets

Florence Nightingale History resource pack

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