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The pack includes:

  • Large letters to display in your role play area of 'Fire Station' (these are not shown in the photo),
  • A large banner saying 'Fire Station',
  • Word and picture cards with words relating to fire stations such as helmet, fire engine, ladder etc,
  • Large A4 size pictures of objects relating to the fire service-great for display in your role play area or when learning about 'People who help us',
  • Lots of different forms to encourage writing in the role play area such as incident forms, equipment forms, forms for taking emergency phone call messages etc,
  • Signs to display in your 'fire station' such as reception, fire exit, signs showing where to replace equipment etc.,
  • Fire fighters' badges in different sizes to make,
  • Fire fighters' identity cards to make,
  • Posters to display in your role play area and also great for discussion such as 'don't play with matches', the number to call in an emergency etc
  • An A4 sign to laminate where the children or adult can write the names of the 'fire fighters' that day,
  • A large fire engine to print out (this prints on 2 A4 pieces of paper and needs to be joined together).

Fire Fighter role play

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