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The pack includes:


Display banner- A long banner for a display with pictures

Father Christmas- A large picture of Father Christmas for your displays

Display lettering- Large letters to spell out 'Father Christmas' decorated in red and whte stripes

Number line- A number line to 50 on Christmas doors

Alphabet line- An alphabet line on Elves

Story words- Word cards with words relating to the story- great to include in your writing area

Counting cards- Cards from 1-10 with different numbers of drinks to count

Speech bubble worksheets- Various worksheets to fill in the speech bubbles

Word mat- An A4 word mat with pictures to help when writing about the


Face masks- Colour and black and white face masks of Father Christmas and Elves to use for story telling and role play

Father Christmas model- Make a model of Father Christmas using split pins

Playdough mats- Various colourful mats to use with play dough for counting and Christmas

Matching pairs- A colourful matching pairs game to make and play

Colour Elves- Different coloured elves with the colour name

Worksheet- Design a new drink for Father Christmas

Christmas tree game- Spin the spinner and collect different decorations for your tree

Banner- A long 'Happy Christmas' banner for your classroom decorated with holly leaves

Worksheets- Various worksheets to draw different parts of the story, to draw your food and drink for Father Christmas and to design a sleigh for Father Christmas

Game- Deliver all the presents in your sleigh first to win the game

Maths worksheets- Various worksheets with counting, addition, subtraction and symmettry

Design a decoration- Design a new decoration for your Christmas tree

Decorations- Various Christmas decorations to cut out and colour

Game- Roll a die and cover the numbered star in the night sky- plus a version to use two dice and add the numbers together and cover the number



Please note: The art work used in these resources has been produced by ourselves. It is not associated with, or endorsed by the author or publisher of the story or any related stories or products.

Father Christmas Needs a Wee story resource pack

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