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A bright and colourful collection of posters and banners, for the 7 areas of the EYFS curriculum.


Great to print out and use for displays, to use as dividers in learning journeys or to use in your planning folders.


The pack includes:


  • Colourful posters for the new 7 areas of EYFS: 

     Personal,Social and Emotional Development

    Communication and Language

     Understanding of the World

    Physical Development

    Expressive Arts and Design



  • Black and white versions of these posters so they can be photocopied and used as dividers in Learning Journeys, records, planning folders etc
  • Two heading posters in colour of  'Prime areas' and 'Specific areas'
  • Large colourful pictures as seen on the posters of children reading, writing, holding hands, playing etc- great to add to any displays
  • Long colourful banners for each of the 7 areas- great to head displays

EYFS posters

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