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The pack includes:

  • Coloured posters showing photographs of multicultural children showing different emotions.
  • Display labels of the different emotions.
  • Stick puppets of multicultural children showing different emotions -these are provided in colour and black and white.
  • A Power Point 'How do I feel?' about different times the children may feel different emotions.
  • An interactive Power Point for children to choose the emotion the person is showing.
  • A large boy and girl face with lots of features to add to the faces to show different emotions- these cold be attached with blue-tak or velcro.
  • Question cards to add to a display to ask the children how they would feel in diffeent situations.
  • A bingo game to make and play.
  • Make a happy and sad mouth to show how you are feeling.
  • Worksheets about the children's worst and best day ever to talk about how they felt and why.
  • A collection of play dough mats to explore different feelings.
  • A die to make showing different faces on each side to discuss the emotions shown.
  • An emotions booklet to make.
  • An emotion wheel to make which the children could use at home to show how they are feeling each day.
  • A long display banner.
  • A colourful display border.
  • Acrostic poems about 'Emotions' and 'Feelings'.
  • A book cover to use to keep all of your work together.
  • Emotion stars with different words on to create a colourful display.
  • A collection of worksheets exploring emotions and feelings.

Emotions resource pack

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