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The pack includes:

  • A display banner with elmer pictures and a colourful patchwork border
  • A colourful patchwork border for your displays- print out as many times as you need for a display board of any size
  • A coloured Elmer picture and a black and white version to colour in or collage
  • A picture of an elephant- in grey colour and in black and white
  • 10 A4 posters of patterned elephants- great to create an elephant parade on your display
  • An elephant and an Elmer face mask in black and white
  • An alphabet line on colourful patterned elephants
  • A number line up to 100 on elephants and Elmer- great for counting in 2's too
  • A powerpoint about real elephants
  • A photo pack of elephant pictures
  • A photo pack of the other animals in the story
  • Number flash cards
  • Posters for the number rhyme 'one elephant went out to play' with props for singing the rhyme
  • Word cards with a patchwork border with words relating to elephants and the Elmer story
  • 10 colouring pictures
  • An elephant themed bingo colour game
  • Fact cards about real elephants with colour photos
  • A matching pairs game- match the patterned elephants
  • An Elmer colour game- collect the coloured patchwork squares for your Elmer
  • Counting cards up to 10 with elmer pictures
  • A finger puppet to make of an elephant and Elmer
  • Large lettering for your display 'ELMER' with a colourful patchwork pattern
  • A4 work borders in colour and black and white with a patchwork pattern- great for displaying work quickly
  • 2 different tags to use on your story sack of Elmer
  • Colour paint splats with the name of the colour
  • A colour poster

Elmer the Elephant story resource pack

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