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The pack includes:

  • A photo pack of Easter pictures- 12 photos
  • A photo pack of Spring pictures including Spring flowers, baby animals born in Spring and signs of Spring- 16 photos

Things to make

  • Easter bunny and Easter chick face mask
  • Easter card templates
  • Puppet templates
  • Black and white bookmarks
  • Easter tree decorations
  • Various templates to make Easter baskets for your Easter eggs hunt
  • Easter bunny ears to make for the children to wear on their Easter egg hunt
  • A template to make stained glass windows of an Easter cross and an Easter egg
  • A rocking Easter chick template and instructions
  • A palm leaf template
  • Template of a bunny, and Easter egg and an Easter cross
  • Colouring pages
  • A recipe book to make Chocolate Easter Nests with photos and instructions
  • A worksheet to design your own Easter bonnet

Easter rhymes and songs

  • Five brown eggs
  • Five little bunnies
  • Hot cross buns

plus more Easter themed songs and rhymes.

Each rhyme or song comes with a coloured song sheet with illustrations which can be made into a song book for the classroom, and also props to print and use when singing the rhyme or song.


  • An Easter chick number line
  • An Easter egg number line
  • Individual number lines
  • Worksheets to colour the Easter eggs by number and with sums
  • Missing number worksheets
  • Colourful Easter eggs which have been split in half with one half having dots and the other half having the corresponding number for the children to match up
  • Symmetrical egg worksheets

Also included are various worksheet templates for you to write your own number and sums so you can differentiate for the children in your setting.


  • A colourful alphabet line
  • All of the phonemes from the 'Letters and Sounds' document on colourful Easter eggs
  • Various worksheets including questions sheets, matching activities, writing about Easter etc
  • An A4 word mat

Display materials

  • Large colourful banners of 'Easter' and 'Happy Easter'
  • Large letters spelling' Happy Easter'
  • Smaller 'Happy Easter' and 'Easter' display posters
  • Key words
  • A colourful display border
  • A4 sized work borders
  • Posters with information about Easter celebrations around the world


  • A Powerpoint of the Easter story
  • An Easter story book to make
  • Small black and white and coloured pictures from the Easter story to sequence
  • Large coloured pictures from the story for displays
  • Posters about Easter traditions and celebrations

Games and activities

  • An Easter egg colour bingo game
  • A picture bingo game
  • A matching pairs game
  • Jigsaws to cut and make
  • Tic-tac-toe games
  • Wordsearches
  • A picture domino game
  • A 'make a bunny' game
  • Playdough mats
  • A 'colour the egg' game
  • Various materials to help you have your own Easter egg hunt
  • Worksheets to design and colour your own Easter eggs
  • Black and white Easter eggs with various patterns for the children to colour
  • Pencil control worksheets


    Easter resource pack

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