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The pack contains:


1- A display banner

2- A display border

3- Large dinosaur themed lettering

4- Large pictures of trees, mountains, plants, a volcano etc to create your own dinosaur display

5- Face masks

6- An alphabet line

7- A number line

8- An A4 word mat

9- Posters of 12 different dinosaurs with their names

10- Split pin dinosaurs to colour, cut out and assemble

11- An acrostic poem

12- Fact cards about 12 different dinosaurs

13- Fact cards about dinosaurs and when they lived

14- Mini books to make about dinosaurs

15- A Bingo game

16- Dinosaur jigsaws

17- Play dough mats

18- Word and picture cards

19- Colour by number worksheets

20- A Power Point about dinosaurs

21- A large alphabet

22- An A4 workbook cover

23- Dot to dot worksheets

24- Large dinosaur footprints

25- Colouring pictures

26- Topic word cards

27- Four number rhyme packs

28- Size ordering worksheets

29- Dinosaur puppets

30- Various dinosaur themed worksheets including addition and subtraction, missing numbers on dinosaur eggs, count the number of dinosaurs, match the dinosaur to its name, My pet dinosaur etc

Dinosaur resource pack

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