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Colours and Elmer's Colours


The pack includes:

  • A bumper photo pack of different coloured objects such as a colourful parrot, a hot air balloon, a peacock, coloured sweets etc- great for displays and discussion
  • An alphabet line on colourful hot air balloons- with lower case alphabet and also with lower and upper case letters
  • An alphabet line on kites
  • Posters for different colours with the colour name and lots of pictures of things in that colour
  • Two display banners with the word 'colours' -one in capitals and one in lower case letters
  • A display pack with pictures of objects with different colours and a poster asking the children what colours they can see
  • A number line to 50 on colourful parrots
  • A number line to 100 on rainbows
  • A dominoes colour game to print out and play
  • Two different colour themed bingo games
  • A collection of colouring sheets- some to colour by number
  • Rockets in different colours with the colour name on them
  • Colouring crayons in different colours with the colour name on them- also includes extra colours such as navy, cream etc
  • A colour train with multicoloured engine and each carriage in a different colour with the colour name
  • A collection of colour themed songs and rhymes
  • Craft sheets to cut, colour and create
  • Pairs of colourful socks to match and an ideas sheet for using the resource
  • Colourful birds to match to the coloured eggs in the nests and an ideas sheet for using the resource
  • A powerpoint about colours -the pages of this could also be printed out to make into a book
  • Butterflies with the colour name on them
  • Bead pattern cards for children to copy and continue the coloured bead pattern
  • Colour mixing posters
  • Colour flash cards in French
  • A colourful matching pairs game

Colours resource pack

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