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The pack includes:


Banner- A long banner for your restaurant- this is provided in Sasoon Primary Infant font and also in Chinese style writing

Posters- Open and closed signs for your restaurant

Opening times- An opening times poster

Food posters- 10 colourful pictures of different foods to buy in the restaurant

Price posters- Each showing a different colourful picture of Chinese food and space to write the price

Menus- Various menus in colour and black and white for your restaurant

Hats- 3 different hats to make for the restaurant staff to wear

Badges- Name badges to make for the staff to wear


Welcome- A long ‘Welcome’ with Chinese style writing

Today’s special- A poster with Chinese style writing to write in that days special meal

Restaurant posters- 'Wait here to be seated' and 'Thank you for your custom'

Poster- A poster for the restaurant Kitchen area

ClockA themed clock to laminate and either draw the hands on or add clock hands using a split pin

Colour lanterns- Colourful lanterns to hang in the restaurant area- each lantern is a different colour and has colour labels to add if you want to

Number line- A number line to 20 on food bowls

Table numbers- Table numbers up to 10 to display on the restaurant tables with Chinese style writing

Order forms- Printable order forms for the restaurant and takeaway

Colouring mats- Colouring mats to use in the restaurant- these could also be coloured and used as posters in the restaurant

Message pads- Message pads and telephone message pads to make decorated with Chinese lanterns

Takeaway opening poster- a poster showing the opening times of the Chinese Takeaway

Chinese Restaurant role play

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