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The pack includes:

  • Powerpoint- A colourful Powerpoint with information about Chinese New Year and about how the festival is celebrated
  • Display banner
  • Display borders
  • Information cards
  • Photographs- Colourful photographs to print out and display of dragon dances and Chinese New Year decorations
  • Chinese flag
  • China fact cards
  • Topic words
  • A4 posters
  • Animal pictures
  • Recipe- Colourful recipe cards which can be made into a book to make the traditional recipe of 'Yuanxiao dumplings'
  • Dragon- A dragon to colour and make- this is also provided in colour to make a quick display and can be made as long as you want!
  • Songs
  • Bingo
  • Colouring- Colouring pictures of each of the animals of the Zodiac
  • Colouring posters
  • Decoration
  • Fan colouring
  • Counting cards
  • Literacy worksheets- 2 animal anagram worksheets and 2 initial sound worksheets
  • Maths worksheets- Count the lanterns, order the numbered lanterns and addition and subtraction worksheets
  • Make a lantern
  • Word searches
  • Worksheet- Write about the celebrations
  • Workbook cover
  • Red money envelopes
  • Matching pairs
  • Luck poster
  • Lantern- A large red lantern picture- this could be printed many times and hung around your setting for your Chinese New Year party
  • Number line
  • Dragon head- A large colourful dragon head which could be made into a mask for your dragon dance- There is also a black and white version to decorate and colour

Chinese New Year resource pack

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