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The pack includes:


  • Mini information book- A5 sized colouring and information books for the children to learn about Chinese New Year
  • Classroom activity- Hide the word cards around the classroom or outside are and the children can find the matching pictures and write the word on their sheet- plus blank cards so the children can search for HFW words or letters/ numbers
  • Comparisons sheet- write or draw about their own new year celebrations and the celebrations for Chinese New Year
  • First reader book- An easy to read book for the children to colour and make
  • Make the sentences- Three sheets to cut and re-assemble the sentences about Chinese New Year
  • Make fans- Various templates to make a fan and write about Chinese New Year
  • Bingo- A picture bingo game to make and play
  • Colouring- Colouring pictures 
  • Colouring posters- Chinese New Year posters to colour
  • Activity worksheets- various worksheets to label the pictures, write about celebrations, write facts about Chinese New Year and cut and stick the beginning and end of sentences
  • Make a hat- 2 different 3D hats to make and colour
  • Board game- Collect the coins for your lucky money envelope as you move around the board
  • Make a lantern- practice cutting skills with this cut and stick Chinese lantern
  • Matching pairs- A colourful matching pairs game to make and play
  • Count and match- Count the pictures up to 10 and match to the numbered piece of jigsaw
  • Number activity sheets- Dot to dots and colour by number sheets
  • Map sheet- Find and colour China on a map of the world and colour the flag of China
  • Acrostic poems- 2 acrostic poems of lantern templates- CHINA and NEW YEAR

Chinese New Year - Games, activities and crafts

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