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A collection of 8 fun games with a cute caterpillar theme for you to print out and play


Literacy games:

1-Cover your caterpillar- Roll the special picture or letter die and cover the letter on your caterpillar.  This game can be played to identify initial sounds of pictures or to recognise letters.  There are four different version of the game for different letters.


2-Match the CVC word- Choose a caterpillar and a leaf card- if the CVC word matches the picture you keep the pair.  How many matching pairs can you find?


3-I spy- A version of Bingo to find the initial letter sound pictures.


4-Find the letter- Spin the Caterpillar spinner and find the letter on your sheet.  Will you be the first to trace all of your letters?  There are four version of this game for different sets of letters.


Maths games:

1-Make a caterpillar- Roll the special die and add or take away a circle of your caterpillar.  Be the first to make your caterpillar but watch out because someone may take a piece of your caterpillar!


2-How many caterpillars- Roll the die and find the number card.  Count how many caterpillars you have found on the leaf.  The winner is the person who has found the most caterpillars!


3-Add two numbers- Roll two dice and add the numbers together- can you cover all the numbered leaves on your board first?


4-Missing numbers- Be the first to find all the missing numbers on your long caterpillar.


Each game is supplied with full instructions and further ideas for using the materials.

Each game is supplied in full colour and also in black and white so it can be printed out more economically and also photocopied to be sent home with the children.

Caterpillar themed Maths and Literacy games

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