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The pack includes:

  • Large display titles of 'Maths' and 'Numeracy',
  • A colourful display border to print as many times as you need for your Maths displays,
  • A variety of different individual number lines- starting form 0 or 1 and up to 10 and 20,
  • A variety of different individual number lines with pictures- great for younger children,
  • Large number lines for displays- a dog themed number line, a beach ball themed number line and a rocket themed number line,
  • Counting cards up to 20 with different amounts of objects for the children to count,
  • A hundred square,
  • Various bingo games- addition to 10, number bonds to 10 and 20, number names and picture counting bingo,
  • Colourful pictures for counting in 2's, 5's and 10's,
  • Flash cards and ladybird with different amounts of spots on them for counting,
  • Labels of maths terms,
  • An A4 maths mat for tabletop use,
  • A number fan to print and make,
  • colourful maths operations posters.

Plus lots more! 

Bumper Maths resource pack

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