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The pack includes:

  • An odd and even number line
  • A clothes line number line with numbers on clothes up to 50
  • A number line on Gingerbread people
  • Ladybird spot cards
  • A 2D shape bingo game
  • Number bingo with numbers from1-5 on kites
  • Number bingo with numbers from 1-10 on frogs
  • A number fan to make and use with the children
  • A shape fan to make with 2D shapes
  • An owl number line
  • Rocket cards up to 20 with the number and the corresponding amount of stars
  • A spotty bingo game with spots on the ladybirds from 1-5
  • An A4 counting mat with numbers and stars from 1-10
  • Numbered footprints
  • Individual number lines
  • Bead patterns for the children to copy and continue
  • Dice games
  • Counting dominoes
  • Tracing worksheets
  • Large display numbers up to 10 with the corresponding number of objects on each number
  • Number bunting up to 100- this looks great in the outside area

Bumper Maths resource pack

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