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The pack includes:


Birthday train- A bright and colourful birthday train which comprises of 13 A4 pages -this looks great when the children draw their own faces to add to their birthday carriage


Certificates- Birthday certificates for the birthday girl/boy- there are three different certificates to write the child’s name and birthday and two certificates that say ‘Happy Birthday’- great to give out at a Birthday assembly!


Hats- Four different birthday hats to make for the birthday girls and boys

Birthday cakes- Cake pictures showing the candles 1-10


Tracing picture- A birthday cake picture to trace and colour


Display banner- A large banner saying 'Happy Birthday' to add to your birthday display


Cards- Birthday cards to colour- great for adding to the writing area for the children to make and write a birthday card for the birthday boy/ girl-there is a card for each age from 1-10 and a blank card


Posters- Question posters such as 'Which month is your birthday in?' and 'How many people celebrate their birthday in January?'


Display letters- Large rainbow letters to spell ‘Happy Birthday’- great to use on a whole school birthday display


Cake to make- A 3D cake to cut out and assemble- this is in colour and black and white


‘We are…’ Posters- Colourful posters which say ‘We are 5’ etc with the ages from 1-10

Birthday display pack

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