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The pack includes:


·       A long colourful banner for the Bakery

·       Posters for the bakery to add names to which show who the bakers are that day

·       A number line to 20 on various bakery products

·       A decorated open and closed sign for your bakery

·       Opening times posters- one with times already added and one to add your own opening times

·       Posters including ‘queue here’ and ‘Beware hot oven’

·       Flashcards of different products for sale in the bakery with words and pictures

·       Small word and picture signs to add to the products for sale

·       Large colour pictures of different products for sale

·       Large black and white images- great for art work

·       Large lettering ‘Bakery’ decorated with images of bakery goods

·       A colourful Gingerbread man alphabet line

·       A number line to 100 on colourful cupcakes

·       Bread posters showing different breads for sale etc

·       Birthday cake posters showing different choices

·       Equipment and ingredients posters

·       Price cards with space to add the price or write your own price according to the ability and age of the children

·       Special offer posters

·       Wedding cake posters

·       Colour photo posters with images of bakery displays and goods in a bakery

·       Hats to make- 3 different colourful designs and a black hat to design your own

·       A ‘Remember to wash your hands’ poster

·       Name badges- colourful badges to write the staff names on


Opportunities for writing and mark making:

·       A birthday cake order form

·       Ingredients order form

·       A colour and black and white customer order form with all of the bakery goods

·       Decorated shopping lists

·       Wedding cake order forms

·       Decorated phone messages and note paper

·       Blank special offer posters for you to write the offers for that day

·       Decorated receipts to write


Bakery role play

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