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The pack includes:


  • A display banner decorated with Autumnal leaves and seeds
  • Display borders- these can be printed as many times as you need for a display board of any size
  • A4 page borders in colour and black and white- great to use as writing pages or to mount the childrens work
  • Fact cards about Autumn- each card is decorated with Autumn leaves
  • Large title letters- each letter has Autumn leaves- great for use on a large display
  • The months of Autumn- September, October and November each on a display poster decorated with Autumn leaves
  • Colour photos of Autumn leaves, trees and colourful Autumnal scenes- great for discussion and displays
  • Large black and white and colour pictures of Autumn leaves and seeds
  • Templates of some different leaves- these could be used for the children to write Autumnal words in, for the children to write poems in or to colour in autumnal colours
  • A Powerpoint about Autumn and the changes that happen- the pages of this could also be printed to make a book
  • Alphabet cards each with a border of Autumn leaves
  • An Autumn leaves fan to make- this is great to make and take on autumn walks for the children to identify the leaves they have found
  • An alphabet line on cute hedgehogs
  • A colour and a black and white leaves and seeds spotting card
  • A number line on seeds and leaves
  • Counting cards up to 10 with leaves and seeds to count
  • An number line up to 100 on cute hedgehogs
  • A matching pairs game to match the Autumn leaves and seeds
  • Scarecrow alphabet cards with lower and upper case letters
  • A scarecrow number jigsaw game
  • A number rhyme card with props for singing the rhyme-Five Little Leaves
  • Songs about scarecrows and a colour and black and white scarecrow face mask to make
  • A game to collect the Autumn leaves in your wheelbarrow first
  • Topic word cards about Autumn each one decorated with autumn leaves
  • A matching pairs game to match the lower case squirrel with the correct upper case acorn-these could also be used as part of a display

Autumn resource pack

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