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A bumper pack to help you create a stimulating and exciting art and design area in your classroom.

There are everyday display materials plus lots of posters to motivate the children which can be changed daily or weekly to offer the children new challenges.


The pack has been used in the Early Years and throughout Key Stages 1 and 2.


The pack includes:

  • Colour paint tins for the everyday colours plus the more unusual colours such as beige, navy, cream, turquoise etc,
  • Colour 'splats' to make a number line up to 50,
  • 'Challenge' cards featuring a wizard with challenges such as 'make a hat', 'make a car' and a blank challenge sheet for you to write your own challenges for your class,
  • Topic words for display and labelling (small and larger) with words such as scissors, paint, crayons, stapler etc,
  • Paint mixing pallets to show which colours can be mixed together to make new colours,
  • Art words such as 'symmetry', 'sketch', 'bright', 'spiral' etc
  • Posters to motivate the children such as 'can you paint with your fingers, string etc', 'can you paint your favourite part of a story?' etc



Art displays

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