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A great pack of bingo games and picture and letter cards for you to print out and use in your educational setting.


In the pack there are two sets of bingo game cards.  Each set has 20 different bingo playing cards so they can be used for a whole class (the cards can be repeated for a larger class) or for group games.


One bingo game has colourful pictures and other set has letters.  The bingo games can be played in various ways- by calling a letter and the child covering a picture if it begins with that sound, by calling a letter and covering the letter on their board, by calling a picture and covering the initial sound letter or by calling a picture and covering that picture on their board.


The calling cards can also be used in various ways- to play the bingo games, to play matching games to match pictures, letters or picture and initial sound, for phonics displays and many more ways.


Also included in the pack is an activity sheet with details of these games and others that can be played using this resource.


The bingo boards are approximately A4 size but by altering printer settings prior to printing you could print them larger or smaller.

Alphabet Initial Sound Bingo - Print and Play

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