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This collection of worksheets would be great for an end of term activity to make into a book to send up to the new teacher or would be great in September for getting to know your new children.


  • Great for children to complete at home to show to their teacher.

  • Great to make quick and easy displays for the new term.

  • Great for NQT's to get to know the children in their class.


These are all activities which have been trialled in schools and used for project books and display work.

The pack contains 20 pages which can be made into a workbook (some sheets have similar ideas on so you could choose the most suitable for your class).

In the pack:

Long colourful banner 'All About Me'

Workbook cover

All about Me page

My self portrait

My birthday

Design your own t-shirt

My favourite book

I am good at...

I feel happy/ sad when...

I hope to learn...

I like watching...

In my house...

My favourite activities

My favourite animals etc

My friends

My new class

Name cards to make

Shield and guide for filling in the parts

Things I am good at

Trophy page

All About Me resource pack

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