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A great resource pack for the topic of Pirates for Early years and Key Stage 1.

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The pack includes:

· Two long colourful display banners of ‘Pirates’ and ‘Treasure Island’ eachdecorated with pirate themed pictures

· Acolourful display border to print out as many times as you need for use on a display board of any size

· AnA4 word card-great to use when writing

· Topicwords- great to add to display or use in the writing area

· Wordand picture flashcards

· Pirateposters- pictures of different pirates

 photo 7-5.png

· Colouringpictures- a collection of pirate themed sheets for children to colour

· Phonemecoins- all of the phonemes from the Letters and Sounds scheme on gold coins-great for display or to hide in the sand tray for the children to find the‘treasure’

· Alphabetcoins- lower and upper case letters

· Bingo-a pirate themed colourful bingo game to make and play

· Skulland cross-bone bunting

· Piratephrases on posters

 photo 4-6.png

· Apirate profile worksheet- draw your pirate and then decide what characteristicsyour pirate will have- three different versions of this for differentiation

· Songsand rhymes about pirates

· Playdough mats- can you make 3 more pieces of treasure, can you give the piratesnew hats etc

· Colourfultreasure to cut out and use on displays, in the sand tray etc

· Boardgame- move around the treasure island answering questions along the way to tryand reach the treasure first- two levels of maths questions are provided aswell as blank question cards

· Twopirate themed wordsearches

 photo 7-5.png

· ‘Mypirate adventure’ worksheet

· Wantedposters for the children to fill in

· Writingpages- Four A4 pages with pirate borders for the children to use when writing

· Designa pirate flag worksheet

· Searchfor the treasure game- collect coins along the way to fill your treasure chest

· Cutand stick treasure map

 photo 4-6.png

· Pirate acrostic poem

· Speechbubble worksheets- write what you think the different pirates are saying

· Countingcards up to 10- count the number of pirate ships, telescopes etc

· Designa pirate ship worksheet

· Describethe treasure worksheet

· Aworksheet for the children to draw and write what they have spotted through thetelescope

 photo pirateshiprolejpeg.png

Pirate ship role play

· Largebanner for your role play area ‘Pirate ship’

· Piratemasks in colour and black and white

· Piratebadges

· Makea pirate hat

· Makean eye patch

· Adagger template to make your own pirate dagger

· Pirateship rule posters

· Acollection of different beards, hats, eye patches and moustaches to make yourown pirate masks

· Variousposters for the role play area

· IDcards for the pirates

· Shipslog book cover and pages for the children to fill in

· Maps

· Treasurebook cover and pages for the children to fill in

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