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PHASE 1- Letters and Sounds resource-IWB Powerpoints-Interactive activities EYFS

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PHASE 1- Letters and Sounds resource-IWB Powerpoints-Interactive activities EYFS
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Letters and Sounds Phonics Phase 1 IWB resources.

This resource will be sent on a CD due to the size of the Powerpoint files.

A CD packed with great activities to use on an Interactive Whiteboard or on the computer.

Lots of interactive learning activities to cover Phase 1 of the Letters and Sounds scheme

The CD includes:

Aspect 1- Environmental sounds

  • A trip to the park- listen to the sounds on each page
  • A trip to the zoo- listen to the animal sounds on each page
  • Describe and find it- In the Jungle- reveal the clues and listen to the sound to guess the animal on each page
  • Describe and find it- On the Farm- as above
  • Guess the sound- listen to the sound on each page and choose the correct picture from the choice of 3- self correcting
  • Mrs Browning's box- Guess the sound in each of the boxes
  • On the farm- listen to the sound and choose fromthe two animals which one they have heard
  • Sound lotto- listen to different sounds and use the printable bingo boards
  • Sound we like and dislike- A page of different sounds to listen to and discuss

Aspect 2- Instrumental sounds

  • Instrument hunt- click on the different objects in the house to find the six hidden instruments
  • What are we playing- listen to children playing different percussion instruments and choose the correct one from a choice of three
  • Make the sounds- different things shown such as a balloon popping, a spider scuttling and a giant stamping for the children to make the sounds using the musical instrument

Aspect 3- Body percussion

  • Noisy neighbour- join in with the rhyme and guess the sounds the noisy neighbour is making
  • Noisy or quiet- discuss the pictures on each page and decide how quite or noisy they can be in each situation and then choose the 'loudness' on the noisometer

Aspect 4- Rhythm and rhyme

  • Animal rhythms- Listen the animal name rhythms and then make the rhythms yourself, next you need to guess which rhythm is being played and then the children can tap out the rhythm of their own names
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep- An animated nursery rhyme presentation with sounds
  • Hickory Dickory Dock- Animated nursery rhyme with sounds
  • Bear rhyming pairs- Choose the two rhyming honey pots for the bear- but make sure you don’t choose the one that doesn’t rhyme because the bear will get cross!
  • I know a word- Think of the word that rhymes from the clue given
  • Rhyming bubbles- Click on the correct rhyming bubble- with sound and animation
  • Odd one out- Burst the balloon that doesn’t rhyme
  • Our favourite rhymes- Click on the stars to reveal the picture of a rhyme to sing- great to end your day
  • Rhyming soup- Four versions of rhyming soup with animation and sound

Aspect 5- Alliteration

  • Digging for treasure- Watch the parrot dig up a coin from the sand and then choose which initial sound treasure chest to put it in
  • Bertha the bus- Remember the things Bertha passes on her way to the zoo
  • Clarice the car- Remember the things Clarice see before it gets dark
  • Bethany goes to the beach- What things beginning with ‘b’ does Bethany pass?
  • Sundeep goes swimming- What things beginning with ‘s’ does Sundeep pass on his way the swimming bath?
  • Meet the Aliens- listen to the sounds the alien makes and say the funny alien names
  • Meet the aliens- as above but without alien names for the children to make up their own names for each colourful alien
  • Silly soup- Four version of initial sound silly soup with sounds and animation
  • Tongue twisters- Ten tongue twisters for the children to learn

Aspect 6- Voice sounds

  • Voice sounds- Use your voice to make the sounds shown
  • Make the sounds on the farm- click on the different animals on the farm picture and listen to the sounds they make and then try to make the sound using voices
  • Make the sounds at the zoo- as above
  • Metal Mike- listen to each word that Metal mike sounds out

Aspect 7- Oral blending andsegmenting

· Toy talk- listen to the bear sounding outwords and then reveal the picture

· Clapping sounds- click on the sound buttons tohear the word sounded out and then click again to hear a clap for each soundand then say the word together

· I spy- listen to words sounded out andclick on the correct picture- self correcting

· Which one- listen to the sound-talking toysay the names of different objects in sound talk and choose the correct picturefrom a choice of three

These resources aresaved as Powerpoint files.

The Bingo cards aresaved as a PDF file and can be opened using Adobe Acrobat reader.


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