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Outdoor Play

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Outdoor Play
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Outdoor Play Resource

This pack was originally created in line with the EYFS curriculum and the emphasis it places on outdoor play in the Early Years.

It has now been revised, extended and updated in line with the revised EYFS framework which comes into place in September 2012.

This is a bumper pack enabling you to create or develop your outdoor area to cover the revised 7 areas of Learning.

The pack would be great for nursery settings, school settings and childminders to use to create a stimulating and exciting outdoor area.

The pack includes:

  • A sheet of ideas for each of the revised 7 areas of learning - each sheet has a number of ideas to start you off on your planning for the outdoor area - (you will also be sent the sheets for the current framework of 6 areas).
  • Planning sheets for the outdoor area for you to fill in with you planning- included are examples of short term activity plans, medium termweekly plans and long term plans. These are the sheets I have used and can be used as they are or as a starting point for you to create your own sheets for your own setting.
  • Observation sheets for the adults to use in the Early Years setting to observe individuals and groups of children.
  • 20 topic box labels- these are labels for you to add to boxes of resources to give you extra ideas for teaching such as a picnic box, fire fighters box, bubbles box etc.

Physical Development

· A large collection of ideas to use in the tuff spot or in a large tray

· 10 movement and action songs on decorated A4 cards

· 10 different games to play in the outdoor area- each game has further ideas and ways of adapting the game for different groups of children

· Recipes for gloop and other tactile ideas for messy play

· 5 posters with pictures of children doing different movements such as hopping, jumping etc asking the children what they can do

· A game to spin the wheel and do the action shown with instructions and ideas sheet

· Target games for use with a beanbag or ball

· 12 word cards relating to the sand area- great to discuss and try in the sand

· 12 word cards relating to the water area

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

· A colourful banner to use to create an ‘Outdoor rules’ display

· Decorated posters to use on your outdoor rules display- these have been left blank for you to write your own rules in to fit in with your own outdoor area or to change each day for the equipment being used

· 5 posters showing how many children can play in each area from 2-6 children

· Emotion cards showing faces with different emotions and an ideas card with games and activities

Communication and Language

· A set of signs and posters to use in games and role play- some have been left blank for the children to write on

· A set of colourful woodland themed face masks- great for role play

· A set of black and white masks for the story of ‘Goldilocks’. These can be used to retell the story of Goldilocks or to create new stories

· A set of black and white face masks for the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’

· A hand puppet outline for the children to cut out and decorate and use for story telling

· 5 decorated nursery rhyme cards


· Various colourful alphabet lines –fish, flowers, rainbow letters, raindrops and watering can

· Various colourful phoneme display sets –helicopters, ladybirds and suns. These all have the phonemes from the Letters and Sounds document

· The High Frequency Words from the Letters and Sounds document on colourful bricks to create a bright word wall and also on colourful bunches of balloons

· A game to collect the initial sound picture on the flower and place it in the correct letter plant pot and sheet of ideas

· A game to collect the lower case bird and place it in the correct capital letter birds nest and sheet of ideas

· A game to collect the letters of children’s names and sheet of ideas

· A game to find the rhyming pairs on leaves and sheet of ideas

Expressive Arts and Design

· A collection of mini-beast themed rhymes and songs on decorated song cards

· A collection of weather themed rhymes and songs on decorated song cards

· Large coloured butterflies with the colour name on them

· A collection of signs and resources for role play –fire fighters, police station, medical (hospital and doctors) and building site (more resources for these areas are available in our individual role play packs)

Understanding of the World

· Ideas for activities to do in different types of weather and ideas of resources to include in topic boxes for each day. Also included are labels for creating a windy day box, a sunny day box, a snowy day box and a wet weather box

· A set of bird spotting cards with photos and names of some common garden birds

· An A4 sized bird spotting card for the children to tick the birds they have seen

· Labels for you to use in a gardening area of the tools the children may use

· A number line of different mini-beasts- great to include in a mini-beast area

· A labelled colourful plant poster

· A set of senses posters with photos of the different senses- great to encourage the children to use their senses

· A collection of weather photos- great for discussion or to use as part of a weather chart to be changed each day

· A poster asking the children what they can see in the outdoor area today with 22 photo cards of things to look out for


· 4 number rhyme packs with a mini-beast theme – each pack has a decorated song sheet and black and white and coloured props and face masks for singing the rhyme

· A number line up to 10 to count the number of objects for each number

· Various colourful number lines- hot air balloons, leaves and cars

· A game to match the numbered ladybird to the ladybird with the corresponding number of spots and an ideas card

· Large shape posters with colourful shapes with their names on them

· A set of decorated signs for your parking spaces in the outdoor area and a smaller set of numbers to attach to the bikes, cars etc so the children can park them in the correct spaces

· Photographs of different shapes seen in the outdoor area and an ideas sheet

· A4 posters of different colourful shape people


A great pack to help you deliver the revised Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum to a great standard and to impress OFSTED!


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