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Light and Dark topic pack

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Light and Dark topic pack
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Light and Dark

A great resource pack for you to print out and use over and over again.

Also contains resources for ‘The Owl who was Afraidof the Dark’ (these are different to the resources sold in the separate story pack) and ‘Nocturnal animals’.

The pack includes:

1.A long colourful display banner for ‘Light and Dark’

2.Al ong display banner for ‘Night and Day’

3.A bingo game to find the light sources for your board the first

4.Picture and word flashcards of different light sources

5.An A4 word card- great to use with writing activities

6.Topic words on light bulbs relating to light, dark, night and day

7.Colour photos of different light sources

8.A Power Point about light and dark and different sources of light

9.Pictures to sort of different man-made and natural sources of light

10. Photos of different reflections- great for displays and discussion

11. Photos of the dark showing differentlights and the moon and stars

12. Photos of the day showing different things we often see in the day such as rainbows and white clouds

13. Large lettering from A-Z in both lower and upper case with mini light bulbs on each letter- great to create a large alphabet line or to create any display titles

14. Shadow puppet templates

15. Animal sorting pictures and backgrounds to sort the animals into those that come out in the day and at night

16. Play dough mats- a collection of mats to use in the play dough area with a light theme

17. A board game to make and play- children need to decide when they land on a picture if it is an activity which happens during the day, night or both- a great game for discussion

18. Word searches

19. Various writing sheets with borders

20. Various worksheets- sort the pictures into light and dark, write about different pictures, draw the light sources etc

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

1.A long display banner

2.Various worksheets about the characters and the story

3.Writing worksheets with borders

4.Story words- decorated cards to print with words relating to the story

5.A story sack tag

6.Large lettering from A-Z in both lower and upper case with moons, stars and flying owls on each letter

7.Speech bubble worksheets- write what the owls are saying to each other and what the characters in the story are saying

8.An alphabet line on owls

9.A number line to 50 on stars

10. Colouring pictures of owls and the characters in the story

11. Sequencing pictures- coloured and black and white pictures to sequence

12. Owl puppets to make- these are provided in colour and black and white

13. Owl masks in colour and black and white

14. A night time bingo game relating to the ideas in the story

15. Flashcards of the different night time activities

Nocturnal animals

1.Colourful posters of different nocturnal animals

2.Colour photos of nocturnal animals

3.Colouring sheets of some different animals with their names

4.A worksheet to sort the animals into nocturnal and diurnal

5.A word search

6.A nocturnal themed acrostic poem worksheet

7.Decorated writing paper for each nocturnal animal

8.Nocturnal animal fact posters for each animal

9.Face masks to make- these are in colour and black and white

10. Puppets to make of different nocturnal animals



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