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Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating
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Healthy Eating resource pack

The pack includes:

Display banners- two colourful banners- one with fruit and vegetables and the other with the letters of ‘Healthy Eating’ made up of small pictures of fruit and vegetables

Display border- print this border as many times as you need to border a display board of any size

Banners- ‘Healthy food’ and ‘Unhealthy food’

Food group posters- A set of A4 posters with pictures and information about the different food groups

Fruit and Vegetable posters- A3 posters showing different fruits and vegetables and their names

Food posters- A3 posters showing some different healthy and unhealthy food and drink

Bingo game- collect the healthy and unhealthy foods for your card

Large lettering- A full lower case andupper case alphabet decorated with small fruit and vegetable pictures- use tomake a large alphabet line or to spell out any title you want

Large numbers- the digits from 0-9 decorated with small fruit and vegetable pictures

Fruit and vegetable describing sheets- use these sheets during a tasting session

My 5-a-day worksheets- worksheets for the children to record their 5-a-day

My favourite fruit and vegetable-worksheets for the children to write and draw their favourite fruits and vegetables

Powerpoint- a Powerpoint about healthy eating and what foods are healthy and unhealthy

InteractivePowerpoint- choose the healthy options on each slide for the children to eat or drink

Our snack poster- a poster to use in the snack area to show the children what the healthy snack is that day

Snack placemats- a collection of different snack placemats which can be laminated and used in the snack area each day

Cut and stick foods- Sort the healthy and unhealthy food and drink and glue onto the worksheet

My food diary- a diary for the children to record their food and drink each day

Word and picture cards- a large collection of food and drink cards to use for display, sorting activities etc

Picture cards- as above without words on them

Writing pages- a collection of pages which the children can use for writing poems etc or for use in the writing area- each sheet has a decorative border with food pictures

Counting cards-cards from 1-20 corresponding amount of fruit and vegetable pictures to count

Number line- a number line to 50 on fruits and vegetables

Food plate poster-a poster to show how much of each food group should be eaten at each meal

Photos- a large collection of colour photos of healthy and unhealthy foods- these look great on displays and are useful for discussions and sorting activities

Healthy lunch box activity- worksheets for the children to draw or cut and stick the foods to make a healthy or unhealthy lunch

Dinner activity-worksheets for the children to sort the foods to make a healthy and unhealthy meal

My 5-a-day reward chart- a chart for the children to fill in at home to show if they have had their 5-a-day

Plan a healthy party- a worksheet for the children to choose food and drink for a healthy party

Large food pictures-A4 sized coloured pictures of different healthy and unhealthy foods- great for displays

Hungry Caterpillar activities:

Cut and stick foods- sort the foods the Hungry Caterpillar ate into healthy and unhealthy foods

Sorting activity-sort the pictures onto the correct boards

Drawa new snack-draw a new healthy food for the Hungry Caterpillar to eat

Worksheets- draw the healthy food the Hungry Caterpillar ate and colour the healthy foods

Large coloured pictures- large pictures of all the foods the Hungry Caterpillar ate- great for sorting activities and displays- also the caterpillar and fat caterpillar

Oliver’s Fruit Salad/ Oliver’s Vegetable activities:

Bingo game- a themed bingo game to collect the fruit and vegetables in the stories

Colouring worksheets-colour the fruits and vegetables in the correct colours

Recipe cards- a collection of recipe cards for fruit salad, fruit smoothies and recipes using some of the vegetables in ‘Oliver’sVegetables’

Matching pairs game-find the fruit and vegetable matching pairs

Posters- A4 posters of the different fruits and vegetables in the story


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